IOT at Scale

Planes, Cranes & Autobahns

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June 9th & 10th, 2015

Starting at 10am


Berlin, Germany

IOT at Scale - Planes, Cranes & Autobahns

A RedMonk event with SAP

June 9-10 in Berlin

In this event, RedMonk will bring its unique perspective, developer-led approach and craft experiences to Berlin for the first time, creating a space for coders to meet the business leaders driving Industry 4.0.

We will celebrate Web, Developer and Maker culture as coder influence grows in the enterprise. Current notions of "Web scale" will be dwarfed by IoT scale requirements in automation, analytics, data management, and at every layer of the stack. We’re going to bridge high scale architectures and infrastructures with the kind of business issues that face SAP customers and prospects every day.

Talks will be technical in nature, aimed at developers, architects and digital innovators. This is not an event about stuff that won’t ever make it into production, but rather a look at future production systems.


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